As we have discussed in the past, the weboost Drive 4G RV can greatly help your cell phone and data on reception in your RV or Motorhome. So why should we forget about our tow vehicle? The answer is we shouldn’t! In years past we used a product called the Wilson Sleek in our coach and it has been talked about in many posts. But time goes on and so do companies and products. So enter the new weboost Drive Sleek!


So you drive somewhere, park, and then you want to go explore. In doing so, we jump into the vehicle we were towing and head on out. Sometimes this can be just down the road to a store but a lot of times it is out into back country where cell signals start to become weak. This is where the weboost Drive Sleek comes in as the external antenna is more powerful than the one in your phone, a phone that happens to be in your car that is made of metal. So having the antenna outside for one is a good start, but having a larger antenna is even better. After all, you can not boost what you can not receive. These boosters can not make something out of nothing which seems a lot of people are confused about. So unless you have some signal, thus the larger outside antenna helps, no booster can help.

The Sleek installs without issue into one of your air vents with a magnetic catch. The cradle actually houses the internal antenna, that your phone sits right against. The booster itself now has been separated from the cradle making it smaller for the front of the vehicle. (The older units the booster was built into the cradle thus making it larger and harder to mount sometimes.)

But does it work? Yup! Just like the one we installed in the coach, we had no doubt that it would function just as well. And good thing, for after all I did install it before I tested it. LOL! I guess I just trusted it for having done the other system. The below video shows me opening the box, talking about the product, and then showing the results after the install. (If you just care to see the results, just ahead to 6:40 into the video.)