Brenda and David Bott

It’s about time!” – That is at least what we think they were thinking as they sat on the back of the couch staring us down as we put on the finishing touches. You see, it has been some time from our last major site makeover so it was about time we would take on a new look.  And they were right, it was a long time coming as we needed to update the site to make it more easy to explore and find content.  Be it new posts, old posts, or some of our top posts you may have missed. We hope the new layout works well for your Outside Our Bubble browsing.


We hired a team of very talented people from Chapter 247 to help us with the transition and we surely have a learning curve ahead of us in regards to knowing how to work with the new page layouts.  But I think we are off to a great start!  More or less we have the same features, but just all in a new look.  You also can now click on a star rating for posts you read which will help to let us know how we are doing.

Thanks to all of our readers!  Please be so kind to help us by letting others know about us. :)