We have mountains on the left and the right of Rt 80. We are right in the middle of them. It us just an outstanding views all around.

Seeing that their is no one really around, their are no lights either to speak of. Because of this, the sky at night is just amazing. And I mean no lights. Seeing the moon is not out, it really is dark! Someone could be standing outside out coach and we would not be able to see them.

The below photo you really need to look at, click on it to enlarge it. If you look close, you will see the outline of the front of the coach. The rest of the image is of the stars at night. More stars than we have ever seen. Really, look close as it may take you a second to see the outline of the front of the coach.

We will be leaving here tomorrow, though we really wish we could stay a little longer just to enjoy the quiet and the peace that you find here. We know once we leave here, it will be more tight RV spaces, people, and noise. Rusty’s RV Ranch is truly a special place that you just must visit if you are an RVer. But be prepared to stay a few nights at least and don’t be surprised if you end up staying longer. (Closest Walmart is 56 miles away.)