Ok, this post will be quick and to the point as to why you want a water softener for your coach or RV.  You know the saying that a picture is worth a thousand words? (Of course you do.) But I just had to say that as that is what people seem to say when they want to show you something.  So let me get right to it and just let the photo do the talking.

What you are looking at is a “Quick Connect” that I use on our On The Go Water Softener. I was doing some tinkering and removed it to move something and found this!  This quick connect is RIGHT BEFORE it goes into the water softener. This connector has been in use for about 2 years if I recall.  So the water that has been run though it is mostly from Upstate NY, Burleson TX, and Fort McDowell AZ.  The water used in AZ this case would be the “hardest” water of the areas we travel. 

Yes, still some deposits on the exit port, but it is nothing like before the water goes though the resin. I surely would still expect some to show up, as we go by the “feel” of the water when we take a shower to know it is time the regenerate the softener using salt.  You can also use simple test strips or a digital TDS Meter. (Total Dissolved Solids) But we know it is time when rinsing off in the shower it is not as “slippery”.  Trust us, if you live with a water softener you surely know what I mean! :)  

Feel free to click on the image to see it larger if you need to, but you can clearly see the hard deposits that have been building up over time. It does not take long for this to happen especially when you are in areas of very hard water.  Now let’s look at the OUT flow quick connect which would be handling the water after it went though the softener. 


So seeing that I would hate to know what the plumbing connections, taps, etc would be like at this point if we did not use one. We have always had one in our home, and we would always have one in our coach. Once you start to use soft water, well, for us, we would never want to be without it. Your clothing is even has a softer feel and you also use less laundry and  dishwasher detergent. As you can see below, as you travel, you surely will have different experiences with water.

Here is the unit we use on Amazon… On The Go Water Softener 
Here is a 360 degree 4K video on how I recharge the resin seeing I mounted it in the bay… https://youtu.be/xylIFoFzkS0