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So we are often asked how can someone monitor the inside temperature of their motor coach or RV because they have pets. After all, it does not take long for the temperature to build on a hot day if the A/C fails or the park looses power. So it would be good to be alerted when the temperature inside gets up to a certain point. (Or down for that matter…Freezing for example.)

Well there are devices that we see recommended all the time, that targets pet owners and the justifiable fear that they have, that uses 4G cell service so it is independent and will work as long as it can reach the carriers cell tower. However, there is also an on going monthly fee for the service. After all, it needs cell service and as we all know, that is not free.

So I thought I would see what else was out there for options and came across the Govee Wi-Fi Temperature & Humidity Monitor that works on Wi-Fi. So if you have internet access via Wi-Fi, this little monitor can send a “push” message to your phone to alert you.

So like I mentioned, to get the notices your coach or RV needs to have Wi-Fi that has Internet access. Be it a private Wi-Fi system in your coach that you connect to the RV Park Internet or some other way like a JetPack. I would think that these days, most RV’er or coach owners do have service.  So seeing you have Wi-Fi, this little device will be able to send out alerts.  Best part, there is no ongoing service fee for the alerts or data storage! (Yes, it can chart the temps if you are into that.)  Let’s face it, you are already paying for 4G cell data Internet, why pay again for a standalone plan for one device to use?

Currently we don’t have furry kids, so we don’t need one for that reason, but I do have areas that I would like to monitor for temperature. My Wi-Fi Equipment cabinet and also my cargo bay so I do own 2.  (Yes, I have a fan in the equipment area, if the fan fails, this will alert me to the issue as the heat will rise.)  This Govee monitor will alert on High and Low temperature and even on humidity! 

User Hack…Sign up for the free account and then install the app on your partners phone and login to the same account.  Then both phones can be alerted and you have a better chance at being able to respond.  :)

SO GOOD NEWS….I told the company I was going to do a video on it and they offered a 25% discount code! I was not going to say no to that for our subscribers. :) But here is the catch… This code is only good until July 21, 2019. So if this is something you think you may need, this is a good chance.  

Product Link to Amazon: Govee Wi-Fi Temperature & Humidly Monitor  
Promo Code: P7385444 

Some Notes On Use:

I can’t speak yet to a LOW BATTERY ALERT, but I can say it DOES ALERT you if the server does not hear from the unit in X amount of time and tells you to check the unit. I THINK it was within an hour when I and Brenda got an alert to check it after I pulled the battery out.

As far as how long it will run, not sure on that either yet. :) However, it is good to note that it does not stay connected to Wi-Fi all the time, it wakes up connects, sends the data, and goes to sleep. That is unless it hits your setting then it wakes up and sends right away. So if you tell it to send data every 10 mins vs every 30 mins, well, the batteries will not last as long as it needs to wake and and send more often.

So seeing it has two settings, I would also have to assume that it would take longer for the server to report it has not seen the unit in some time if set to 30 mins vs 10 mins. I for one don’t need 10 min reports and would rather have the longer battery life. As such, I run it at 30 mins. Remember, even at 30, you will still be alerted right away when it goes above your preset temp. 

Oh yes, you know me, there is a video I did about the monitor so you can see how it works.  :)