Ok, you might be asking yourself, what do they mean “Keep the view”?  Well, did you know you could get see through window awnings? 

But wait, first lets say why you want to use window awnings. In the simple test in the video below, you will see almost a 40 degree difference in temperature when using a heat meter to take a reading off the window. Yes…almost 40 degree difference!!! So first and foremost, use your window awnings for goodness sake as it will cut down on the heat entering your coach or RV. 

But now you are saying, but then we do not have the view! To which we reply…why not?  We do! Huh? We had our awning replaced by the company ShadePro using a see through material. They had done our original coach back in 2010 when they added window awnings, hardware and all, to the coach we had then.  But what is also nice is that they look like normal window awnings on the outside. 

Here is a video I did showing the test and also showing the awnings. Enjoy!
And if you are interested…Contact ShadePro and let them know we said hi!  :) (They did not know we were making this post or video.)