As I have said before, we all would like a much better connection to an RV Parks Wi-Fi. For at times, you just can’t reach it based on where you are parked or you can not stay connected due to poor signal. It also would be nice to have our own internal protected Wi-Fi setup in your coach or RV for all our devices to connect to. (Nothing can make you 100% secure, but having your own internal Wi-Fi setup surely makes you more secure than just being on an RV parks Wi-Fi network!)  Like other products on the market, and even my tutorial on how to setup a system, the Winegard ConnecT V2 can help you with this.

The Winegard ConnecT V2 has been available for some time now. I also know that it has been reviewed by everyone who thinks they are someone most of which no NOTHING about Wi-Fi. If anything, this surely goes to show you we don’t do this to make money. If we did, we surely would have had a review up last January when we got the 4G version of the V2. Yes, you read that right, I have had one for 8 months now and not a word out of me.  Why? For as we have often said, we do not blog or video on a product unless we would use the product ourselves. And until now, we would not use the V2 as I felt it was not ready.

So what changed? FIRMWARE! I actually have been talking with Winegard on the V2 from the time I got it. And during all this time updated FIRMWARE, the program code that runs the system, was being made with fixes for this, additions for that, and little tweaks here and there. So finally it is at a point that I would actually use it and recommend it. 

One of the best parts of the Winegard ConnecT V2 (and yes, they spell connect with a capital T at the end. No idea why, maybe it is some marketing thing) is that it is a ONE WIRE INSTALL!!!  Not kidding. All you need to do is get 12 volt power to it and you are off and running. Of course it comes with the power cable and it surely should be enough for any install.  It also comes with a switch so you can power it off and even a plate to help seal the hole you may have to put into the roof.  But really, that is it, get power to it and with a few key strokes you will have it setup and running in no time.

So if you are looking to help improve your Wi-Fi to give you the best chance at being able to use an RV parks Wi-Fi system, and that is easy to install, the Winegard ConnecT V2 may just be your answer. Be aware that it comes in two flavors, one that is Wi-Fi only, and another which adds 4G Mobile Data into your Wi-Fi network. Yes, mobile data plans from Verizon, AT&T, and other data providers can be used right in the V2! Winegard even has their own data plans if you are in need of data in a pinch. So you can switch between RV Park Wi-Fi and 4G Data service all in the same interface, all you do is insert your SIM card and let it know which provider it is.

In the below video I talk about what the unit is used for and give a quick overview of the interface. While some systems have dual Wi-Fi radios in them for speed, at added costs of course, I also show you why it is likely not going to be a big deal. (Most of you likely have no idea what I am talking about. But some others have put down the V2 over another manufacturer because of this. They know nothing of which they speak!)

Amazon Link: Winegard V2 4G as shown in the video.