As you know, I don’t talk about something I do not or have not used myself. As such, I do not rush to get reviews or chats up about something and this surely is one of those items.  In this case, the Winegard Rayzar OTA (Over The Air) Automatic HD Antenna. Now don’t get me wrong, I had one of these back in March of 2015 to evaluate. However I quickly came to the determination that I couldn’t use it the way it was. Not that anything was wrong with it…It was just that it would not do well with reception seeing we have roof rails and it was to low siting on the roof. As such, the roof rails were blocking some of the signal. 
So why now? Because they came out with a riser for it and not a moment too soon!  Our motorized Triple Vision HD antenna that came with our 2014 Tiffin Allegro Bus was about to be replace for a second time as the motor was starting to fail. (You could hear it grinding away slowly moving it.) So I contacted Winegard to see if they had come up with anything and they had!  
So off I went to install the new OTA AUTOMATIC HD antenna.  Now the word “automatic” means just that. When you arrive somewhere you simply press SEARCH and it will scan 360 degrees and find the directions that have the most frequencies it can hear.

So you are aware, it has a directional antenna in it, thus is why it needs to move. A directional antenna is more powerful than a standard omni antenna as it can “listen” in one direction like if you cup your hand around your ear. (You can hear more in the direction you are facing. Get it?) 

It will then automatically point itself into the direction that has the most frequencies. As such, when you then go and run a channel scan on your TV, you will likely get the best results. Thus automatic.  It will also show you the direction it had seen other frequencies and with a simple press of search, it will move to the next direction if you wanted to try another TV scan. It can also fine tune the direction if you would like with left and right rotation buttons.

Below are my before and after results. Of course you can say that I am very happy with how it worked out for as you can see, it did much better!!! (Now 41 channels vs 34)

I won’t get into all the install stuff in this post for you can see that in the video if you wish. But I will say it comes with everything you need to do a clean install even if you are removing a crank up style antenna!  You will need Dicor Self Leveling Lap Sealant however.  Which you should be carrying with you anyways in case you need to fix something on the roof.

All in all, now my entire roof seems to be Winegard! Well, for TV and data that is.  (Satellite Dome, Trav’ler DISH, ConnecT V2, and now the Rayzar for OTA reception.)

Amazon Link:  Winegard Rayzar

NOTICE: The LIFT for the Rayzar is something that was only being supplied to manufacturers (OEM) so their is no SKU for it yet to order on-line from. However you can order one directly from Winegard at this time. 

Model: MT-7500, Cost: $50.00 Retail

You will have to call 800-288-8094 or email help @ to get in a direct order.

5/16/19 – Note that the new after market part number is MT-8500 and you will be able to find it on Amazon at some point which will surely be at a lower price.  So sure to search for it… CLICK HERE TO SEARCH

Here is the LONG video I did. I talk about what it is, do the inside install and show the before and after, and then go up on the roof to do the install itself replacing the old antenna. Hope you like it.