X650 Arrived and Setup and Ready to FLY!

It was a very exciting day today.  Not only did the NASA Mars rover land without a hitch, yes we stayed up and watched it live from midnight to 2 am, my X650 Quadcoptor arrived today!

I of couse could not wait to get it in the air much to the dismay of Ali, who built it for me.  He wanted to have a Skype session first to go over some things after it arrived. ;)  Well seeing he is in China, and thus 12 hours ahead and in the middle of the night, I had to get busy.

Ok, this is not my “first” test flight as I had it up for 3 mins low to the ground just to see how I would feel…but it was actually my “real” first “flight”.  14 mins in total flight time. (6000mah battery)  Edited down for the useful footage.

I was super concerned with not being able to fly it, but Ali of Only Flying Machines assured me it would not be an issue.  Well here is proof that all is well!  Now I just need to get used to moving at the right speeds so I can obtain more useful footage and also have better control over the gimbal angle and motion.

All in all, it was purchased to make our trip memories better and to make our site here better for our followers.  To bring you some footage we find on the road you normally may not see.

So without further typing, I now present the video of my first real flight showing our home and property in upstate NY. I made this as a thanks to Ali who put up with all my questions before I selected him to build it. :)

Yes, take note, I am wearing a NASA shirt. :)

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FIRST FPV (First Person View) – CLICK HERE

(This is not a paid endorsement. I received no discounts or kickbacks from Ali or OnlyFlyingMachines.com.)