Just a quick note we are ON THE ROAD and have SUCCESS with the fine team at the Freighliner Service Center in Gaffney! After all that was tried that was mentioned on the last page, all six tires and rims were replaced just to see what would happen. Well, as fate has it, WE ARE SMOOTH!!! The tires are now the Michelin RV tires and they are slightly larger.

So even though it was close to 6 PM, it really wanted to get on the road. So we headed out for 1 hour and ended up in a Super Wal-mart in New Berry, SC. This is the first time we did something like this and we must say, we were kind of nervous. :)

Oh, one thing that did happen this morning when I was setting up the coach to leave and was checking the Saturn Outlook we tow. Well, when I shut the door, they all LOCKED! Yes, only keys we had for it was in the car. I called On-Star and POOF they unlocked the doors. But we were not sure that would work for we do remove a fuse from the Outlook when we tow it.

So we are heading out now to end up in Jacksonville. And guess what!?! With the driving fixed, Brenda drove for 2 hours!!!! Here is proof!

Way to go Luv! :)