David and One Giant Oak Tree

Amazing!  This giant oak tree in the RV park that we are staying at has survived every natural disaster you can think of to get this big.  David actually looks miniaturized underneath it.  I can’t imagine how long it’s actually been here.  It’s good to see that development was done around it and they didn’t chop this huge beast down.  There’s others like this around, but not nearly as large.

So when David and I arrived in Tallahassee, David announced he was going to take me out to dinner.  That’s always nice.  So I was wondering, chinese or italian.  Well…it was neither.  He completely left me in the dark and we went totally outside our bubble…Fondue!

If you’ve never had a chance to experience The Melting Pot, which is a fondue restaurant, I highly recommend it.  At least once, because it’s not cheap.  I was thinking, fondue?  David is not that crazy about cheese, why would he go to a fondue place?  Talk about surprised.  Not only is there cheese, you also get a salad and a large variety of meats and veggies.  The meats actually come out raw, but seasoned, and you cook the meat, in the fondue pot, in a spiced up broth base of your choosing.  The meat comes out very tender.  I guess it’s a place you can’t complain that your food is cold or not cooked properly, because you are cooking it.

Oh…and did I mention the dessert?  Think any mixture of chocolate and toppings you like.  Then heat it and dip an assortment of desserts into it.  For us, we chose the Flaming Turtle.  Think chocolate, caramel and chopped pecans, heated up and set on fire! YUM! And the items for dipping, strawberries, brownies, cheesecake, rice crispy treats, pound cake and more.  I’m sure people go there just for dessert.  We had a great time.  Thank you David for surprising me.

David Cooking His Steak, or Chicken, or Pork. Not Sure Which One This Is.

Brenda & David Enjoying Our Flaming Turtle Dessert…Chocolate, Caramel and Pecans, YUM!