Not having the best time I am sorry to say. The above picture is of our master slide top front where it is digging into the metal when it expands out and meets the outside wall. When looked into, we found their was more of a problem then we had thought. Seeing it requires the slide out to be removed, yes, removed, our dealer really did not want mess with it. I can not blame them. So we are headed to Gulf Stream.

But wait, theirs more…We have lost the power inverter AND the generator in the coach and not at the say time…a day apart! Get this…The authorized repair center for the inverter is in Orlando, we were in Jacksonville. So we left at 6AM to and arrived a 8:45. Ready…They Did Not Have The Part Needed! Well then we got ready to head out and found the generator was only putting out 4 volts. (vs 120v). So, we were lucky and PowerTech company was close by! So we called and….Ready…They Did Not Do Service On Fridays!

So we choose to start heading north vs spending the weekend in Orlando. As mentioned we are on the way to Gulf Stream in Nappanee, Indiana where the coach was built.  We are stopped in Perry, GA for the night currently. At the Gulf Stream plant the inverter and generator can also be fixed, thus the reason we headed out.

OK, well, lets end this note on a up beat. In Key West we found this street performer that just made us stop and listen. Here he is…

I took a small video of him playing…I do not have much, but I wanted to show you how he was playing. He would use the wall as a way to echo and reflect his voice into the area he was standing in. The result was amazing.

As mentioned, not much, but I think you can get the point and also the great voice and sound he made.

Take care all, time to pack up and head to Nashville, TN.